Flexible, User-friendly Church Management Software

TouchPoint Software is a robust and customizable solution that helps you manage member contact information, check-in children, receive tasks, manage contributions, manage volunteers, register for events, stream media, and more.

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Your Ministry is Unique. TouchPoint Helps You Manage it More Effectively.

Large churches with many ministries often need solutions that can mold to fit their structure. The beauty of TouchPoint is that it offers you both the ease of an off-the-shelf solution with the flexibility of a custom system.

Our fully bi-directional mobile app syncs with your database, so members can keep their own information up-to-date, see their contribution history, register for events, stream media, and more. The app also comes with advanced permissions for staff and lay leaders to manage the people they are discipling.



377640df-children_03i03i03f03f000000001 Children's check-in
a5e1eb34-attendance_03c03c000000000000001 Attendance Tracking
74b34d24-bar-graph_000000000000000000001 Advanced contact segmentation and reporting
10c54292-ticket_03u03u000000000000001 Event registrations (both paid and free)
0a846893-calendar_000000000000000000001 Volunteer scheduling and management
57208540-wanted-testimonial-profile-pic-light_000000000000000000001 Members update their own information
fg0tfc-o-icons-mail-64x64_000000000000000000001-1 Email and SMS communication
1q6e5td-o-icons-checkmark-64x64_00000001s01r000000001-1 Ministry Task Assignments for Staff and Lay Leaders
e378973a-database_02o036000000000000001 Manage everything out of one database
p10fl2-o-icons-mobile-64x64_000000000000000000001-1 Bi-directional mobile app syncs fully with your database
9e64afc1-video-sm-light Stream sermon video and audio
1c8fdc83-plug_000000000000000000001 Integrate with the Accounting and Giving Software of Your Choice!

Why Churches Love TouchPoint Software


"TouchPoint has allowed us to streamline our administrative processes and congregants discipleship journey through the mobile app, check-in and other great features. It’s a tool that helps us focus on equipping and sending out disciple-makers."

Tasha Mitchell,
Oakdale Church


"Our church transitioned to TouchPoint almost 6 years ago, and it is unequivocally the best administrative and ministry tool that our staff, church leaders, and members use daily."

Paul Priddy,
Englewood Baptist Church


"I have used other congregational databases before, and this software is SO much easier to use."

Rebekah Lukas,
St. Luke's Lutheran Church


"We were looking for a "single source of truth" database solution and Touchpoint appears to have all tools we need to remove the data silos that have developed using excel, gmail or constant contact."

Tom Levesque,
First Presbyterian Church of Orlando


"Love, love, love TouchPoint Software! We converted from ACS and I have never looked back! TouchPoint is very user friendly, support is amazing - solves problems quickly and efficiently."

Cindy Rymer,
Silverdale Baptist Church


"Touchpoint is an extremely powerful people management tool for churches. An over abundance of tools and search options make managing members, decisions, and classes very easy."

Ben Baucum,
West Florida Baptist Church

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